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Studying Abroad in English-speaking countries.................................................. Etudes à l'étranger en pays anglophone

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This section is not to convince you to study abroad, nor is it to discourage you. It is to help you understand what its advantages and drawbacks may be, how it can influence your future, and how to go about preparing for it if you choose to do so. Before taking up the counselor's time, talk to your family, friends and professionals, but especially visit this site carefully and consult many of the pages and links between pages and to outside pages to figure out what you have to do.

You'll find:

General explanations of what to consider before studying abroad.

Thinking about careers and learning about your own aptitudes to make a choice.

Overview of the application process.  This describes deadlines and allows you to download documents that must be prepared.

Countries and their university systems. This includes explanations of costs,  links to sites comparing establishments, links to documents you must prepare and tests you must take, etc.

A presentation of our system compared to others with equivalencies.

Pages en français pour les parents qui voudraient bien comprendre ce qu'entreprennent leurs enfants avec des liens en français également.

Volunteering and taking a gap year.  With a few links and suggestions about when and why to or why NOT to do this.

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